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Happyflex by Elastotech Srl
Elastotech contains the experience gained in more than 40 years of activity in the sector of elastomer moulding for the most diverse uses, from parts of refined design to components with exceptional technical performance for the most demanding industrial sectors.
Today, our company expands over a surface of 40.000 m², 20.000 m² of which are covered, and has a warehouse that insures prompt delivery thanks to it containing billions of stocked pieces, and we are capable of producing several millions pieces per day.

Elastotech is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
Certification explicitly covers all company locations.
Quality certification was the natural consequence of the constant care that has always been dedicated to quality control.
Each phase of the production process corresponds to control procedures that verify accurate processing and assure conformity to required quality parameters.

The entire production cycle is internal
The entire production cycle of Happyflex products is done at the company, making it possible to follow and verify the evolution of the product in every phase of processing. Starting in the Planning Department, where product conception and mould designing occur, then its fabrication is overseen by the Mould Manufacturing Department, where high tech machines make it possible to create items of the highest precision that meet the most demanding appearance requirements.
The Moulding Department
It's in the Moulding Department that the product takes form: here ultra pure silicone gives life to hundreds of Happyflex moulds. More than 40 moulding machines make for a daily production output numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Elastotech staff know-how along with careful selection of the material used guarantee the highest quality standards.
Once the mould has taken shape, it is transferred to the Postcuring Department where it is cured for five hours at 235°C with an exchange of fresh air of 1.5 lit/min. for every kilo manufactured in order to eliminate any processing residuals, making it conform with all kitchenware requirements as stated by current sector regulation. The Lastly, the Quality Control Department further verifies accurate processing as well as accordance with all parameters regarding dimension, hardness, and quality.
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