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Silicone moulds
The main items of Happyflex production are certainly the flexible and non-stick silicone molds used in the food sector.
Not only professionals in the bakery and gastronomy sectors but also those who just enjoy cooking are appreciating more and more the quality of our silicone moulds for sweet and savoury recipes.

The Happyflex non-stick flexible moulds and cake tins replace the classic metal cake and baking tins used in the bakery and gastronomy sectors entirely, ensuring the same quality however with a simpler use.
The Happyflex cooking moulds are practical and functional and guarantee perfect baking both in conventional ovens (fan assisted or static temperature) and in microwave ovens.
But not only...
The silicone moulds and cake tins are also suitable for freezing and for storing in refrigerators.
The Happyflex oven and freezer moulds are made to resist extreme temperatures: from –60° up to 260°C, ensuring excellent quality.
The entire quality of your food is guaranteed as the Happyflex non-stick, flexible silicon moulds are produced from materials, which conform to current international standards in the food industry:
  • Italy: D.M. n°104 del 21.03.1973
  • France: Arrêté du 25.11.1992
  • Germany: BGVV
  • Usa: FDA
Advatntages in the kitchen
With Happyflex silicone moulds and cake tins you are able to make your recipes whilst also satisfying your creativity. The Happyflex baking and freezing moulds are manufactured in many shapes: from those traditional ones to happier and more bizarre ones, such as star-shaped, heart-shaped, round, tart, doughnut and fairy cake baking tins along with the multi-portion shapes for babà, muffins, croissants, Madeleine and many more besides...

With Happyflex silicone moulds and cake tins there is no longer the need to use butter or flour: they are perfectly non-stick and removal is quick and easy.
Another great advantage offered by using Happyflex alimentary moulds is their ease of cleaning: it is sufficient to rinse them using warm water and a sponge or by placing them in the dishwasher.

The resistance over time is also one of the most appreciated characteristics of our kitchen moulds. Happyflex moulds last for years and they can be used thousands of times (up to 3,000) without altering their individual characteristics.

Finally, the Happyflex baking and freezing moulds solve another frequent problem: their flexibility allows them to be bent in any way in order that they take up little space. Thanks to their elasticity they will always return to their original shape and be ready to use
The great characteristic of the Happyflex flexible silicone moulds and cake tins is that of combining both quality and practicality.
Elastotech’s experience, which has been acquired working in various sectors of the rubber-manufacturing field for over forty years, combined with the materials used guarantee the quality of the products, ensuring the complete reliability of the Happyflex series.
The silicon moulds and cake tins intended for both cooking and freezing are produced in careful compliance with the international standards governing the alimentary sector.
In order to offer an even greater practicality to the flexible Happyflex moulds, certain ingenious details have been studied.
The strengthening of the base of the silicon shapes give greater stability to the actual moulds, making the realisation stage of the pastry-making and gastronomy recipes even more convenient.
The lateral vanes, which can be found on the Happyflex oven and freezer moulds and cake tins, allow a greater hold of the moulds, consenting you to work in an easier and safer way in the kitchen.
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