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Do you have an idea? We can make it in silicone!
We have recently launched a new division dedicated to the manufacture of various types of items using silicone. New production technologies and the growing need to customise products drove us to offer our clients the possibility to make items that were designed entirely by them.

Therefore you can now create any kind of object for any commercial or industrial sector: cosmetic, pharmaceutical, furniture, design, optical, housewares, lighting, home appliances, gadgets, leisure, promotional material, various accessories - the sky's the limit with silicone!
Just contact our dedicated office and tell us what you wish to make and that's all!
Our technicians will advise you on the type of rubber to be used for your application and will pinpoint the best equipment on which to manufacture the pieces. Then, to give shape to your project, you choose the dimensions, thickness, height, and colour of the item.

You can also choose whether or not to feature your logo on the finished item via two customisation methods:
  • Embossing: your logo is incised on the equipment so when the part is moulded it will be visible on its surface (colour on colour);
  • Silk-screening: consists in applying a special ink onto the silicone rubber surface which allows for customisation (even in colours) of your piece.
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Contact our staff to know if your idea is workable!
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