Silicone products
Happyflex Custom Division is the department dedicated to customers who want to create and develop any kind of item in silicone.
Thanks to the investment in new technologies, and the recruitment of highly qualified personnel in rubber molding, Happyflex Custom Division is the latest creation in Happyflex.

This is a department currently used by many customers for the development and creation of new projects of silicone products, our staff will help you step by step in solving the problems that can arise with the use of this compound. Resistance to chemical, weather and heat agents, held at high pressures, excellent elasticity, malleability are just some of the features of this type of rubber, that over the years become the solution for many different uses.

Paste silicone rubbers used by Happyflex for the production of its articles are formulated polymeric masses that with the addition of the appropriate catalyst or curing agent allow to obtain objects of any shape color and effect (silicone can be transparent, brilliant, fluorescent, hot, cold, perfumed according to its composition).
Compounds Are called "HTV" (High Temperature Vulcanizing) since vulcanized at high temperature, are instead called "LSR" (Liquid Silicone Rubber), silicone rubbers called liquid that are particularly suitable, due to their low viscosity, to be injected into a mold and are generally constituted by two components to be mixed at the time of transformation.
The new machine dedicated to liquid silicone allows us to be the cutting edge even for this type of production. The vulcanization process of these products varies according to the type of catalyst or curing agent and temperature.
Once completed guarantees the alimentarity of the article as well as the complete elimination of all the volatile substances.

With this experience gained through years of silicon production, we present ourselves in the market by providing our customers our experience and our technicians know-how.
Silicone custom
Silicone products
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