Silicone products
The Happyflex Custom division can give life to an idea, making it in silicone.
This specific page is dedicated to those who wish to make small quantities of products, without having to break the bank on the high cost of moulds or equipment.

Thanks the new 3D printing technologies, Happyflex can supply small objects not exceeding 10x10x10 cm which are entirely customisable. Would you like a mould with your logo to decorate a cake? Would you like to make a fruit or vegetable mould? Would you like to have the face of Mickey Mouse for your child's birthday?

You only need 1 piece? You need 50? This is just the place for you.
The production of these items goes through four phases:
1. Making a 3D model
2. Making a 3D model matrix
3. Making silicone mould and counter-mould
4. We make the finished piece in silicone
To help our customers, Happyflex puts its technical office at your disposal for 3D modelling and for scanning of the shape to be replicated in silicone. Once defined the final 3D item can be made quickly.
Silicone products
Silicone products
Silicone products
Silicone custom
Silicone custom
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